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The Sound Healer Course

Hi, I am Danielle Klein,

Your Guide & Mentor to Inner Illumination through Sound and Spirit

Danielle Klein is a seasoned sound artist, sound healing trainer and a trusted partner with Crystal Tones®, Gongs Unlimited, Meinl and Svaram. She is passionate about mental health, wellness and energy, and utilizes the power of sound to create transformative experiences that resonate with the core of your being. Join her on a journey of exploration where the harmonious vibrations of sound open doors to improved mental health and enhanced energy flow, igniting your manifesting powers and creating a symphony of wellness in your life.

Specializing in:

Crystal Tones® Sound Bowl Partner: Purchase your very own angelic singing bowls by scheduling a Sound Bowl Consultation with Danielle.  In this session, explore various sound bowl options as Danielle gains insights into your unique energy, intentions and desires. She will expertly curate the perfect set of sound bowls, tailored to elevate and harmonize with your spiritual journey.

Sound Healing Instruments: Purchase your sound healing instruments from expert, Danielle Klein, such as sound bowls, gongs, chimes, crystal harps, metal bowls, mallets, carrying cases, stands and more. For more details CLICK HERE.

Sound Healing Comprehensive Course: An online 1 month LIVE class immersion. Dive deep into the world of Energy, Vibration and Sound Therapy: Unveil the Secrets of Self-Healing, Chakra Alignment and the Art of Playing Crystal Singing Bowls. Develop your skills as a sound practitioner, uncover the magic of various sound healing instruments (gongs, chimes, drums, etc) and discover what energy they each hold. Master the creation of transformative self-care rituals, discover the gift of sharing profound soundscapes and harness the power to move and transform energy. Secure Your Spot for the Upcoming Sound Healer Course. This is an application only program. LEARN MORE and APPLY HERE.

August 23-25, 2024: Intro to Sound Healing 3 Day Workshop: Using Alchemy Sound Bowls: Discover the transformative power of sound healing in the immersive 3-day workshop, designed to elevate your practice and enrich your well-being. Join us to learn, experience, and integrate sound healing as your new daily self care ritual. LEARN MORE HERE.

Spiritual Activation: Spiritual activation refers to the process of awakening or heightening one's spiritual awareness, potential and connection to the higher self or divine energy. It involves practices and guidance that facilitate a deeper understanding of one's spiritual nature and purpose.

Danielle offers: Spiritual Coaching, Sound Alchemy, ThetaHealing®, Releasing Stagnant Energy, Removing Blocks, Manifesting, Money Mindset, Moon Rituals, Meditation, Breath-work, Kundalini, Embodiment, Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Elevating Energy, Crystals, Cacao Ceremonies, Aromatherapy, Self Care Rituals, Retreats, House Clearings and Cermonies & more.

Business Coaching Expertise: Danielle is also a Wellpreneur Business Coach, offering valuable guidance with your health & wellness businesses. With her business coaching expertise, she can assist you in navigating the unique challenges and opportunities within the wellness industry. Whether you're starting your own wellness venture or seeking to elevate an existing one, Danielle provides insights, strategies and support to help you thrive as a wellpreneur.

Online Marketing, Email Automation, Content Creation, Graphics, Funnel Systems, Copywriting, Boosting Engagement, Streamlining Systems, Organization, Maximizing Efficiency and Productivity with EASE.

The Sound Healer Course

The next Course starts January 2025

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August 23-25th, 2024 from in Salt Lake City, Utah

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The power of sound

becomes a catalyst for healing, growth and personal transformation. Immerse yourself in the gentle waves of sound baths, experience the profound shifts in our Sound Healer Course, explore the healing realms of ThetaHealing and discover the perfect sound bowls and instruments to enrich your practice.

"Danielle's teaching and coaching is WORLD CLASS! I have worked with and been to centers for learning and growing, but Danielle is the best! She is a wealth of knowledge. Her teachings, classes and retreats are so empowering!"

-Toya H.


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What people are saying about Danielle's sound journey experiences: 

  • "Danielle's intention setting sound bath, led me into deep emotions I have never felt. The sound bath opened my heart to truths, I hadn't given myself in years to feel. Because of this sound bath my life is forever changed, into the brightness of the future this altered my life's passions. I am so grateful for this magic to have entered my life at this crucial time, during the loss of my mom to brain cancer. Thank you for your magic channeling Danielle."
  • "The Marble Gem Show is my favorite event I have ever experienced! I am coming back next year just for the sound bath! That was amazing!"
  • "That was the most powerful sound journey experience I have ever been on, and I have been to a lot of sound baths! There's an art to how you play the instruments and your voice is the most soothing and relaxing voice for meditation!! I am coming back next year to see you at Drishti Beats!"
  • “That manifesting sound bath was so powerful, I went super deep. It was really powerful! I was telling myself all the things I want in my future and it was resonating with the vibration. I loved it!”
  • “I feel so relaxed. I felt everyone’s energy and it was really beautiful. The visions I were getting was powerful too. Exactly everything I have been wanting to manifest and being able to visually see it was incredible.”
  • “Your voice carries such strength and guidance along with the sound of the beautiful bowls. Your voice helped connect me deeper and deeper. I have never done one of these virtually, it was fantastic.”

Sound Journeys are an extraordinary experience that harmonizes your mind, body and spirit, inviting you to discover profound relaxation, inner peace and transformative healing vibrations.

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