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Danielle Klein offers an unparalleled selection of alchemy singing bowls, gongs, chimes, crystal harps, shakers, metal bowls, stands, bags, mallets, accessories and more!

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Here's why purchasing from Danielle is the ultimate choice...


Expertise in Sound Healing

With a deep understanding of music theory and sound healing principles, Danielle curates instrument sets that complement and harmonize with each other, ensuring a cohesive and effective sound journey experience.


Quality Assurance

Through close relationships with manufacturers and distributors, Danielle ensures that every instrument she offers meets the highest standards of quality. 

Say goodbye to blindly adding items to your cart and hoping for the best – with Danielle, you can trust that you're receiving top-notch instruments every time.


Customer Service

Purchasing sound healing instruments from Danielle isn't just about buying products – it's about receiving expert guidance and positive energy throughout the entire process. Danielle will make sure your experience is smooth, easy and exciting. She goes above and beyond making sure you also know how to play your new instruments. Her customer service is top notch because you deserve the best! 


Creative Intuition

Danielle's creative side and intuitive nature guide her in selecting the very best options for you. 

Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or new to sound healing, Danielle's keen sense of musicality and intuition will help you find the perfect instruments that match your needs.


Support a Woman-Owned Entrepreneurial Business

When you purchase sound healing instruments from Danielle Klein, you're not just investing in high-quality products; you're also supporting a woman-owned entrepreneurial venture. Danielle is more than a business owner; she's a passionate advocate in the world of sound, healing, energy and vibration. By choosing to purchase your instruments from Danielle, you're contributing to her vision of spreading healing vibrations and empowering more people to experience the transformative power of sound.


Encouraging Others
to Share Their Gifts

Danielle's mission goes beyond selling instruments – she's dedicated to fostering a community of individuals who share their gifts and talents in the realms of sound healing and energy work. Through her business, Danielle encourages others to step up and share their unique abilities with the world. Danielle also loves to connect practitioners with one another who would be great for collaborations or refer clients to sound practitioners who purchase from her.

Purchase your sound healing instruments from an expert, Danielle Klein.


Danielle has a very unique way of tuning into your energy and specific needs and addressing them. She does everything with care, love and intention. You are seriously in the best hands possible when looking for sound bowls and other sound healing instruments. I now have a beautiful collection and am so happy with them. If you are ready to purchase instruments, look no further, Danielle is your expert!

-Tita C.


Danielle is a force of nature! I'm so glad she helped me find my way with Sound Healing, from helping me pick out my first Sound Bowls to guiding us on the Sound Healer Course and Retreat. She is one of the most caring, enthusiastic and passionate teachers I've had the pleasure of working with and I've learned so much from her. Her energy is infectious, and her sound healing journeys are truly something else. Try a soundbath with her and you'll be hooked!

-Tine S.


You are truly an incredible vessel for spirit to work through. You knew exactly how to select the most exquisite sound bowls that complimented my current set of instruments. I now have sound bowl families that sing and harmonize perfectly together. My sound journey sessions have been elevated because of you expertise. Thank you!

-Karla M.

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