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Note: Classic frosted bowls start out at $200 each, Crystal Tones¬ģ Alchemy¬†Bowls start out around $800 each. Ready to invest?

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Designed for anyone looking to learn about sound healing and how to use it to improve their own mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. You will also have with the opportunity to share the gift of sound with others.

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Personalized 1-1 sessions for deep healing & restoration. Great for 1 person, couples or groups. Virtual options also available.

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Koshi Chimes

Crystal Tones¬ģ Singing Bowls


What are they?

The Crystal Tones¬ģ Alchemy Singing Bowls are the most elegant, ethereal singing bowls that enhance your rituals and align you with your higher consciousness. When chimed or played, their vibrations will directly effect your body, mind, mood and energy to bring you back into harmony and balance.¬†


Are they called Sound Bowls or Singing Bowls?

The term sound bowls and singing bowls can be used interchangeably. Sound bowls are a form of sound therapy which can be identified as a Sound Bath or Sound Healing. The word bath is often used because you are bathing in the vibrational frequencies of the bowls.


How do they work?

Everything around you is vibrating at a frequency. Everything is energy, which are frequencies and waves. You know how the gravitational pull of the moon affects tides and water within our bodies? Well, sound frequencies also influence you on a cellular level, promoting relaxation, recalibration and even healing.

For centuries, sound baths have been used in many cultures to help release negative energy, relieve stress and overwhelm, process trapped emotions and clear energetic blockages and wounds.

Let’s be honest, we have a lot of everyday stresses going on. When we are constantly focused on chaos and turmoil in the world and repeating negative self talk in our minds. This leads to our bodies getting out of balance where signals become scrambled, creating dis-ease and eventually disease in the body. When out of sync your body isn't able to fully self-regulate and maintain optimal health.

During a sound healing session, the sound waves frequencies slow down your brain waves to delta and theta states which are deeply restorative, stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), activating your body's system of self-healing and repair.

Watch this IG Video Reel of me explaining, "What is a Sound Bath?"


What are crystals?

Crystals are mineral formations that carry earth’s blueprint of evolution, that will either amplify, store, focus, transfer or transmute energy, having a profound effect on you when used with intention and purpose. Each crystal, stone, gem or mineral has its own unique characteristics, qualities and abilities. Example: Clear Quartz is the ultimate magnifier, amplifying whatever energy and intention you bring to it. It's known as a master healer crystal because it can help with manifesting, healing, protecting and channeling energy. Think of Clear Quartz as a mirror, reflecting and amplifying your intentions.  


Are the Crystal Singing Bowls different from one another?

The Crystal Tones¬ģ¬†Alchemy Sound Bowls are made from clear quartz crystals, then infused with other crystals, precious metals, rare earth minerals, gems and stones.¬† Each bowl has a unique effect with its sound, vibration and incredible alchemy (clearing blocks, activating energy centers, elevating our state of consciousness, healing, etc). The alchemy is the type of crystal or stone that is infused with the clear¬†quartz. Each alchemy has its own healing qualities and effects, making them incredibly unique and powerful to work with. Each¬†alchemy sound bowl is unique like a fingerprint. None are exactly the same.


How will I feel when playing the sound bowls?

Everyone's experience is perfectly unique and different. Something new may come up during each session, depending on what you are going through in your life.  People tend to feel extremely relaxed, calm and peaceful during sound baths. I have experienced visualizations, vibrational feelings in the body, I have received messages and downloads and have even had emotional breakthroughs during sessions.  I invite you to be open during the experience and trust that whatever comes up for you is perfect as it is.


What are their benefits?

The Brilliant Cosmic Sounds CAN:

  • Bring you into a¬†Deeper Meditative State, ¬†
  • Activate Higher States of Consciousness,
  • Cleanse & Balance Energy Centers (Chakras),
  • Release Trapped Emotions,
  • Relieve Insomnia,
  • Relieve Stress,
  • Release Energetic Trauma,¬†
  • Supports¬†Mental Health and Spiritual Well-Being,
  • Quiets an Overactive Mind,
  • Stimulates Your Immune System,¬†
  • Ease Pain¬†&¬†Tension,
  • Promote Deep Relaxation,
  • Create a Calm & Peaceful State of Mind,
  • Process Emotional Healing,
  • Invokes Your Creative Energy,
  • Grounds You Into¬†Presence,
  • Leaves you with a more Clear, Creative and Joyful energy.
I'm Ready to Purchase My Own, CLICK HERE

Alchemy Singing Bowls

Are made from clear quartz crystal + other gems, stones, minerals and crystals. Giving you a unique energy, characteristic and property from each of the types of crystals used. They have an angelic, rich tone and vibration. These are the ones I personally have. Little bit more of an investment than classic frosted bowls but totally worth it. For my personal collection I have and use these alchemy bowls. These Alchemy bowls start out around $800+ and increase based on diameter size, type of crystals used to make the bowl, note and if there are additional alchemies or etchings. You can nest up to 3 alchemy bowls together in a ballistic case.

Classic Frosted Singing Bowls

Made from clear quartz crystal and are white in color. These start out around $200 each and go up in price based on the size (diameter) of the bowl. Classic Frosted bowls are thicker and heavier than Alchemy bowls. You can nest 2 classic frosted bowls together: meaning a 9" bowl can nest inside of a 10" bowl in the case you choose to purchase (I sell silk, ballistic and hard cases). The sound is beautiful, but if you want something that is deeper, richer and holds extra energetic frequencies then I recommend checking out the Alchemy bowls.

Super Grade‚ĄĘ¬†Alchemy Bowls

Are made from clear quartz crystal + other gems, stones, minerals and crystals. These can be played more intensely and with different types of mallets. They are more dense and heavy as a thicker, full bodied bowl. They can sing and hold their sound for a longer period of time and have an extra rich, deep vibration. Super Grade bowls are the highest tier in the alchemy bowl collection and have an expansive tone and angelic appearance.You can play these with different mallets to create a deeper resonance. These bowls start out around $5,555+. 

Practitioner Bowls

Are made from clear quartz crystal + other gems, stones, minerals and crystals. These bowls have a wand or handle and are played by you holding the handle in one hand and using the mallet to chime or play with the other hand. You can walk around with this bowl, easily cleanse and clear energy in a room, great for private sessions to allow the energy to be directed to the client's body and energy. Practitioner bowls are used by sound healers, yoga teachers, reiki and energy workers, massage therapists, estheticians, meditation and breath-work teachers and lightworkers.    These bowls start out around $1,200+.

All Singing Bowls:

All sound bowls come with an o-ring (what you place the bowl on to play) and 1 mallet (what you use to play the bowl).

Additional costs: a case to keep your bowl safe, shipping & handling and tax.

You can nest 2 classic frosted bowls together in a case or 3 alchemy bowls together in a case.

Soft Silk Cases

Range from $89 - $139 USD depending on the size of the case. These silk cases provide the minimal amount of protection.

Ballistic Cases

Range from $149 - $199 USD depending on the size of the case. These ballistic cases are sturdy and durable for every day transportation in and out of a car/vehicle.

Hard Cases

Range from $199 - $549 USD depending on the size of the case. These hard cases provide the maximum amount of protection and are airline approved; meaning they can be checked as luggage at the airport.


"I can't recommend working with Danielle strongly enough. She is incredibly knowledgeable and intuitive. I felt like she deeply listened to what I was seeking in my sound healing practice, and she was enthusiastic about my service orientation. Her communication has been amazing. She created videos of different sound bowl and instrument options, and she replied promptly to questions I had about my potential kit. With every purchase, I received detailed PDFs and videos about how to use, pack/unpack, and take care of the instruments. And, of course, she always shared information about their nourishing powers and elemental strengths. Hard to believe that someone so relational and spiritual can be such a savvy, brilliant businesswoman, too. I will always always always look to Danielle as a spiritual mentor and teacher! Can't wait to take the class!!!"


"Ever since I’ve known Danielle she has always offered top notch products and services. When she became a distributor for sounds bowls I knew right away that I wanted to purchase bowls. I had already experienced Crystal tone bowls before from a dear friend and I knew the quality would be the best of the best.
At the time of my purchase I was very sick and was searching for more ways to surround myself with positive healing energy. Danielle helped me pick out the most perfect bowl set for what I was searching for. A beautiful set for the heart, gut and brain connection to amplify my healing. Danielle listened to what I was looking for. She is s great listener. I love my bowls so much. The beautiful clear vibrating notes have been such a big part of my healing journey.
Everyone I play for are in awe of the sounds and they are so beautiful to look at too. My 10 year old daughter loves playing them as well so soon I’ll have to get another set for her.
Thank you Danielle for your continued support with any questions I have about the bowls and the tips on how to play them even more beautifully. Much gratitude."


"After 2 years of knowing Danielle my life has improved tremendously. In the sound healer course she taught us so much about music, instruments, how to create a structure for a sound bath, how to start running your own business from scratch among many other things. She is a phenomenal sound artist and she goes above and beyond to make sure you take the most of it. Danielle has so much knowledge to share and during our sessions in Kajabi she always answered any questions we had. Additionally we had access to sound bath recordings in the portal.
It's been a beautiful journey for spiritual growth and healing, playing the alchemy bowls for myself helped me so much to heal and to cultivate inner peace. The retreat in Salt Lake City was so magical, Danielle helps you to the pick the right bowls for you. Overall I highly recommend the course+retreat either if you just want to do it for yourself or to share this beautiful gift with the world! Going to the retreat will make a difference! She is an outstanding spiritual teacher."


"I recently purchased a 12" F-50 Tesseract Salt, Violet Flame Aura Bowl from Danielle, and I cannot express enough how highly I recommend her. Our initial meeting took place over zoom, where we discussed my existing bowls, my goals, and the direction I wanted to take with my sound healing. I had reservations about buying something like this without actually playing the bowl and then shipping it to Canada....EEECK... But Danielle's exceptional care and attention to detail not only put me at ease but also helped me choose the most magnificent bowl yet. I will definitely purchase from Danielle again without any hesitation and wholeheartedly recommend her to others. Thank you, Danielle, for everything you do for this commUNITY.
I am truly grateful to you. ūüėä
from my heart to yours, thank you Michelle."


"I would say that this is one of the best investments you will ever make for yourself, this is not something you should skimp on. Danielle is the best sound bowl consultant that listens and understands your vision, energy and intention for playing sound bowls. She will take that information and intuitively connect with the bowls and curate the most magical set for you. She is passionate and enthusiastic about choosing bowls for you. She is an expert and I highly recommend getting your instruments through her. You will be happy you did!"


"Danielle is a force of nature! I'm so glad she helped me find my way with Sound Healing, from helping me pick out my first Sound Bowls to guiding us on the Sound Healer Course and Retreat. She is one of the most caring, enthusiastic and passionate teachers I've had the pleasure of working with and I've learned so much from her. Her energy is infectious, and her sound healing journeys are truly something else. Try a sound bath with her and you'll be hooked!"


"Danielle is so very devoted in helping you find the right sound bowls just for you. She follows through & even helped exchange one of my bowls for a bigger one (ladies, go big! ūüôā I loved our 1on1 session too where I got a lot of great pointers for starters as an added bonus. Danielle is top notch to work with!"


"Danielle is a definite force of nature!
Not only have i bought sound bowls from her which was an amazing experience.
I also recently was on the receiving end of a theta healing from her. It was an experience that might be really hard to understand. I was able to actually see and feel my DNA changing as well as feel all the excess energy that i had been holding onto being gently tugged out. Danielle Klein definitely knows what she is doing!"

Sound bowls can be used for personal rituals and practices, for businesses, yoga classes, meditation classes, hosting sound bath sessions, for retreats, reiki practitioners, health coaches, light workers, etc.

Schedule a FREE Consultation if you are ready to purchase a single sound bowl or a set.

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Common Questions Answered:

  • Crystal Bowls can be shipped anywhere in the world.
  • Shipping is¬†fully insured.
  • How much are they?
    • Classic¬†frosted bowls start out around $200 each and the¬†Alchemy Bowls‚ĄĘ¬†start out around $800+.¬† For reference, my personal ALCHEMY bowls range from about $1,000 each and up to $6,000 each.
  • How much would a set of 3 alchemy bowls cost?
    • This will vary per set but the most affordable¬†option would start out around $5,000 - $6,000 for a set of 3 bowls. The pricing varies based on the¬†size of the bowls and the types of crystals used to make the bowl. There are 3 bowl alchemy sets that are $10,000 and higher. But if you are wanting the most affordable investment, it would be around $5,000-$6,000 for either a 7", 8", 9" set that nests together or 8", 9", 10" size that nests together.¬†
  • Availability:
    • Each¬†sound bowl is unique and inventory changes daily.¬† Each bowl is birthed into existence without us knowing what note or sound it will play. It chooses that during the creation/birthing process. Alchemy bowls may have a single type of¬†crystal used to create it or it may be infused with multiple¬†crystals, gems and stones which make each bowl unique like an individual.
  • Do I have to buy a set of 3 bowls?
    • You¬†can purchase 1 bowl, 2, a set of 3 or as many as you'd like.
    • I do¬†recommend a minimum set of 3 bowls so you can play low, mid and higher tones to create a¬†harmonious sound together. But you can¬†certainly buy 1 bowl at a time to create your set.
  • Each¬†sound bowl purchase comes with an o-ring (what you place the bowl on to play) and 1 mallet (what you use to play the bowl).
  • Additional costs:
    • A case to keep your bowl safe, shipping & handling and tax. Silk, Ballistic or Hard Cases¬†available in various sizes.
  • How to Play the Bowls?
    • When you purchase Alchemy¬†Singing Bowls‚ĄĘ¬†through me, you will also receive a recorded video lesson on how to play the bowls,¬†care for them, how to properly pack and unpack them, various playing techniques, how to harmonize multiple bowls when playing them together and so much more! If you'd like to book a LIVE Zoom or in person Private lesson with me, the investment is $350 USD for a 60 minute¬†lesson.¬†
  • Book a Consultation:
    • I offer consultations¬†to chat more about¬†sound bowls¬†with you and to learn more about you, your energy and intention for playing them so I can help you choose¬†the best¬†sound bowls that match your needs. Click here to book a 30 min Zoom session with me.

Feel the healing vibrations of these incredible sound bowls.

Click here to watch a short instagram video about energy and frequency.

Curious about getting a Crystal Tones¬ģ¬† Alchemy Sound Bowl for yourself, business, office or as a gift?

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Let's chat more about:

  • Benefits of sound bowls,
  • Why & how to use them,
  • Differences between each alchemy bowl,
  • Investment options,
  • What your intended use for them are,
  • What you are working on in your life right now,

+ any other questions you have.

I will help you choose a single bowl or set based on your needs and desires.

You will absolutely LOVE these bowls! They are MAGICAL, just like YOU!

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Yes, I also sell other sound healing instruments!

You can reach out to me to purchase gongs, swinging bar chimes, koshi chimes, zaphir chimes, bells, crystal harps, tongue drums, frame drums, wave and ocean drums, shakers, gong stands, gong bags, accessories, mallets and more!

Have questions?¬†Ready to place an order? Email me at [email protected]¬†

Koshi Chimes

I am a distributor of Koshi Chimes, Gongs, Swinging Bar Chimes, Drums, bags, stands, accessories & more!

Koshi Chimes:

These are the authentic and original, hand crafted chimes made in the Pyrenees mountains with meticulous craftsmanship. 

There are 4 Koshi chimes that are inspired by the four elements. Each of their sounds will help you in a unique way.

ūüĆ鬆Earth: Grounding qualities, rooting you into the earth‚Äôs energy, promoting logical thinking. Promotes stability so you can feel sturdy and strong.

ūüĒ•¬†Fire: Stimulating courage, strength, motivation, passion and transformation.

ūüí¶¬†Water: Healing, peaceful and trusting qualities. Allows you to flow through life with more grace and ease. Connects you to your intuition and deepest desires. Surrender and trust the process.

ūüí®¬†Air: Connects you to your inner wisdom. Promotes a clear mind, communication, sparks imagination.

I have found that combining the Koshi chimes with the Crystal Tones¬ģ¬†Alchemy Bowls creates the ultimate experience.¬† CLICK HERE¬†to place your order for Koshi Chimes.
Buy Now

Crystal Harps

Pure quartz crystal tubes attached to an acrylic body, making this ethereal instrument completely transparent. They are tuned according to the A=432 Hz.

Various options available:

8 Crystal Harp Notes: C5 - D5 - E5 - F5 - G5 - A5 - B5 - C6
includes the Crystal Harp, two mallets, folding stand and a padded carrying case.

8 Crystal Harp Notes: C#5 - E5 - F#5 - G#5 - A5 - B5 - C#6 - E6
includes the Crystal Harp, two mallets, folding stand and a padded carrying case.

8 Crystal Harp Notes: D5 - E5 - F5 - G5 - A5 - C6 - D6 - E6
includes the Crystal Harp, two mallets, folding stand and a padded carrying case.

8 Crystal Harp Notes: D5 - E5 - F#5 - G5 - A5 - B5 - C#6 - D6
includes the Crystal Harp, two mallets, folding stand and a padded carrying case.

15 Crystal Harp Notes: C6 - B5 - A5 - G5 - F5 - E5 - D5 - C5 - B4 - A4 - G4 - F4 - E4 - D4 - C4
includes the Crystal Harp, two mallets, and a padded carrying case.

Prices do NOT include shipping, handling or tax.

Please send¬†Danielle an email: [email protected]¬†or direct message on¬†Instagram to place an order.

Ocean Drum / Wave Drum / Surf Drum


The sound of this particular drum reminds you of the ocean waves bringing a calming and soothing energy.

How to play: Hold surf drum with both hands horizontal to the ground and play in a circular motion to create the sounds of waves crashing. You can move quickly for more intense waves or slower for a soft and soothing sound.

Measurements:¬†1.75" height and 14‚ÄĚ wide¬†

Prices do NOT include shipping, handling or tax.

Please send¬†Danielle an email: [email protected]¬†or direct message on¬†Instagram to place an order.

What people are saying:

“These sound bowls are richer in sound and more powerful than any other ones I have experienced."

"Wow, the sound is like no other! I could feel the vibrations in my heart, I have never felt that before!"

"Thank you Danielle, I felt the surge of healing frequency!!

"Danielle; she has a tremendous amount to teach and offer. It’s inspiring that her one goal is to share that with others.  She knows how powerful it is to share that positive energy and the more you are able to incorporate that within yourself, within your daily life, within your relationships and within the things you do; the more goodness you are putting out there in the world.

-Jen B.

About Your Expert Sound Healing Trainer,

Danielle Klein:

Danielle is¬†a Sound Alchemist & Artist, Sound Healing Trainer, ThetaHealer‚ĄĘÔłŹ, Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork Instructor, Cacao Ceremonialist, World Class Retreat Leader, Wellpreneur Business Coach, Spiritual Advisor, Sound Healing Instrument Distributor and Crystal Tones¬ģ Partner.

Getting¬†her first set of Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls¬ģ was life changing.¬†Read on about her journey...

Once upon a time,¬†Danielle stumbled upon the magical world of crystal sound bowls from Crystal Tones¬ģ, and little did she know that this discovery would change the course of¬†her life forever.

As soon as¬†she struck her first Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl‚ĄĘ,¬†she was captured by the enchanting harmonies. The sounds spoke¬†to¬†her soul in a way that immediately lifted¬†her spirits. It was as if the universe had whispered to¬†her what her¬†purpose and calling was.¬†She knew in that very moment that these crystal sound bowls held profound healing and transformative powers that could uplift and nurture the spirit.

Driven by an overwhelming sense of passion and purpose, she embarked on a journey to explore the vast realm of sound healing. She spent countless hours studying the ancient wisdom of sound and energy, diving into the rich history of traditions from around the world. Each day brought a new revelation which fueled her desire to share this modality with others.

She¬†was so captivated by the exceptional quality and resonance of Crystal Tones¬ģ bowls that become a distributor and partner. Now, she has the privilege of connecting people with the highest quality sound bowls¬†she¬†has ever experienced. The process of matching bowls with the unique energy and intention of each individual has become a sacred and intentional ritual, as if the crystals themselves whisper their desires to¬†her.

As she embarked on¬†her journey as a Crystal Tones¬ģ Partner,¬†her passion for sound healing deepened. She witnessed profound transformations in the lives of those who embraced the healing vibrations of crystal sound bowls and other sound healing instruments. From alleviating stress and anxiety to facilitating deep meditative states, the crystals worked their magic, touching the lives of many.

Embracing the role of a sound healer and distributor was a natural progression for her. The joy and fulfillment she found in helping others explore the healing potential of sound were incomparable. It wasn't long before her love for crystal sound bowls inspired her to create a Sound Healer Course. She wanted to share the magic with others, empowering them to become sound practitioners and incorporate soundscapes into their self-care practices.

The sound healer course she crafted became a beacon of light for those seeking to deepen their spiritual connection and share soothing soundscapes with others. Witnessing her students discover their innate abilities to facilitate healing through sound has been a humbling experience and it validated her certainty that she was on the right path.

Danielle's journey with Crystal Tones¬ģ and sound healing has been nothing short of a cosmic dance. The harmonies of the crystal sound bowls have resonated not only within¬†her heart but also within the hearts of those¬†she¬†has had the honor to guide. As a distributor and sound alchemist, she¬†has found¬†her life's purpose, one that is rooted in passion, authenticity¬†and the desire to create positive change in the world‚ÄĒone sound vibration at a time. The crystal sound bowls from Crystal Tones¬ģ have become a symphony of healing and hope, and she is forever grateful for this extraordinary adventure that continues to unfold with every note.

"I have to shine a deserving spotlight to my completely inspirational coach and mentor, Danielle Klein. She is living her purpose with purpose, on purpose and she shines....she’s a natural teacher and truly inspirational. It will serve & benefit you, on many levels, to seek out her services. I appreciate you and this experience, so very much Danielle."

-Jennifer D.

"These sound bowls have such a rich tone and powerful vibration. I could feel the healing energy throughout my whole body. Wow, there is a big difference in these sound bowls versus others."

-Margarita M.

Danielle is always available to help you make the best selection of bowls possible, and will work with you to find the perfect one or set for your needs.

Sound Bowls

Created with love and intention. No bowl is the same. All uniquely crafted and created.