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The Koshi Chimes

The moment I heard these chimes, I was hooked.

Their angelic, rich tones are soothing and relaxing to your mind and body, connecting you back to your spirit. 



These Koshi Chimes are the authentic and original, hand crafted chimes made in the Pyrenees mountains with meticulous craftsmanship. 

There are 4 Koshi chimes that are inspired by the four elements. Each of their sounds will help you in a unique way.

🌎 Earth: Grounding qualities, rooting you into the earth’s energy, promoting logical thinking. Promotes stability so you can feel sturdy and strong.

🔥 Fire: Stimulating courage, strength, motivation, passion and transformation.

💦 Water: Healing, peaceful and trusting qualities. Allows you to flow through life with more grace and ease. Connects you to your intuition and deepest desires. Surrender and trust the process.

💨 Air: Connects you to your inner wisdom. Promotes a clear mind, communication, sparks imagination.


A set of Koshi Chimes are a great addition to your personal daily rituals, sound baths, for clients, yoga or meditation classes or a beautiful addition to your home to make it extra special and sacred.

I have found that combining the Koshi chimes with the Crystal Tones Alchemy Sound Bowls creates the ultimate experience. 

Complete Set of 4


includes shipping to the 48 US States

You will receive:

  • 1 Earth Element Koshi Chime
  • 1 Air Element Koshi Chime
  • 1 Fire Element Koshi Chime
  • 1 Water Element Koshi Chime


They are so peaceful and relaxing! I have incorporated them into my daily rituals and have already felt more grounded and present. I highly recommend them!"


These chimes take you to another realm with their brilliant tones!! I am loving the complete set and am going to purchase more for gifts."