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What is the History of Sound Healing?

What is the History of Sound Healing?

Sound healing is a practice that taps into the therapeutic power of sound vibrations and has a rich and diverse history that spans across various cultures and civilizations. From the ancient rituals of indigenous tribes to the mathematical musings of Greek philosophers, the use of sound as a healing modality has emerged numerous times throughout history. Here's an overview of the fascinating history of sound healing...

  1. Indigenous Wisdom:
    - The origins of sound healing can be traced back to indigenous cultures, where shamans and healers utilized chants, drumming, and other sonic tools to induce altered states of consciousness and facilitate healing. They often gathered in community ceremonies offering prayers to the land, asking for guidance and help from the Gods, celebrated with song and dance and came together for communal healing sessions.
  2. Ancient Egypt and Greece:
    - In the ancient Egyptian civilization,...
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