LIVE programs and self paced, pre-recorded online courses to learn, grow, evolve and transform; spiritually, emotionally, mentally and financially.

Sound Healer Course + Retreat

Learn about energy, sound, vibration, healing, chakras, grounding and relaxation techniques, breathwork, how to play crystal sound bowls, setting powerful intentions, music theory, creating harmony in your mind and body, how to share the gift of sound with others and so much more!!

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12 Universal Laws Course

Manifesting is a lifestyle. Learn how to live a more spiritually aligned life and attract what you desire with ease & flow. Study and apply these laws to become a magic manifester.

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Rewire Your Money Mindset Course (RYMM)

The only money course you need to completely change your relationship with money. Learn how to attract more wealth and success into your life and bank account. 

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The Vision Board Course

It's time to make those big dreams and goals of yours an actual reality! This powerful tool of creating a vision board will help you become the energy you want to attract and take aligned action to make it all happen.

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