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Sound Healer Online Course


Sound Healer Retreat



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Here is the list of scheduled LIVE Zoom Sessions:

The start time for Sunday's in various time zones: 9am PT, 10am MT, 11am CT, 12pm ET

The start time for Wednesday's in various time zones: 4pm PT, 5pm MT, 6pm CT, 8pm ET

  1. Sunday, April 30th from 10am MT - 12pm MT
  2. Wednesday, May 3rd from 5pm MT - 7pm MT
  3. Sunday, May 7th from 10am MT - 12pm MT
  4. Wednesday, May 10th from 5pm MT - 7pm MT
  5. Sunday, May 14th from 10am MT - 12pm MT
  6. Wednesday, May 17th from 5pm MT - 7pm MT
  7. Sunday, May 21st from 10am MT - 12pm MT
  8. Wednesday, May 24th from 5pm MT - 7pm MT
  9. Sunday, May 28th from 10am MT - 12pm MT
  10. Wednesday, May 31st from 5pm MT - 7pm MT

If you cannot attend a live session, you can access the replay in the portal. 😉


Are you able to join most sessions?

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Do you plan on attending the in person Sound Healer Retreat?

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The private rooms are SOLD OUT for the retreat. Would you like to book a shared room with shared bathroom?

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What are you most excited about for this course / retreat?

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